Results-Based Accountability 101 Training

Results-Based Accountability 101 Training

12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

United Way Fox Cities
1455 Midway Rd.

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United Way Fox Cities (UWFC) has adopted RBA (Results-Based Accountability) and is expecting their agencies to adopt its processes if they want to continue receiving funding. The (CI)² Create Pull Committee and UWFC sees this as an opportunity for (CI)² to become more involved with the UW FC agencies.

According to the UWFC website, RBA is a disciplined way of thinking using a data-driven decision-making process. RBA has been adopted by organizations across the globe to solve large community issues and to improve the performance of programs or services with a step-by-step process called “Turn the Curve” thinking.

To help their agencies get up to speed on RBA, UWFC is holding training sessions they call RBA 101 for the agencies. They have held four so far and have one more scheduled in August. They plan to continue offering the course several times per year going forward. The purpose of the course is to teach the agencies (and (CI)² Coaches) the concepts and introduce them to the RBA Common Language.

UWFC is offering these training sessions for (CI)² Coaches thinking that our understanding and questions could be quite different from those of the agency personnel.

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